Terms of payment

Payment will not be withdrawn from your account until the product has been despatched.

In connection with payment, NETS will verify that the card and the transaction can be authorised.

Aarhus University does not charge any extra fees for credit card transactions.

You can pay by credit card/debit card or Mobile Pay. The deadline for payment of invoices issued to approved companies/organisations is 30 days. Interest and fees will be charged for late payment.

The price of the product stated does not include delivery costs. If special terms of sale apply for a product, this will be stated on the product page and the order confirmation.


Aarhus University accepts no responsibility for any errors in the prices stated. In addition, Aarhus University reserves the right to change prices without prior consent. Furthermore, Aarhus University accepts no responsibility for any printing errors as well as sold out/discontinued items.

All amounts are in DKK. If relevant, VAT is included in the price shown for the item.

Force Majeure

In the event of a force majeure situation, the obligations of the Aarhus University webshop will be suspended in accordance with the agreement you entered into as a customer of Aarhus University. If the force majeure situation lasts longer than two months, both you and the Aarhus University webshop have the right to terminate the agreement. Force majeure situations include, for example, strikes, wars, epidemics, international health crises, import/export bans, etc. regardless of whether these occur at the enterprise or at the enterprise's suppliers.